Opening twenty years after the death of Michel Majerus (1967-2002), the Germany-wide exhibition series Michel Majerus 2022 was dedicated to various phases and aspects of the artist’s extraordinary oeuvre, which has continued to influence generations of artists to follow.

In five solo exhibitions at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.), the Kunstverein in Hamburg, the Michel Majerus Estate, and at neugerriemschneider in Berlin, Michel Majerus’ oeuvre was honored in all its complexity on an unprecedented scale. Loans from the artist’s estate, as well as from public and private collections, offered new insights into Michel Majerus’ early work as well as the medial and topical questions posed throughout his body of work.

Parallel to these exhibitions in Berlin and Hamburg, thirteen museums throughout Germany showed works by Michel Majerus from their collections. The Mudam Luxembourg (Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean) also hosted a symposium on Michel Majerus in November 2022 ahead of their exhibition entitled Michel Majerus: Sinnmaschine of his work beginning in March 2023, which runs until October 15. Furthermore, the ICA Miami presented Michel Majerus: Progressive Aesthetics, the first US museum survey for the artist.

A comprehensive publication will accompany this unique series of exhibitions.